Yes, 925 sterling silver is indeed real silver. The "925" in its name refers to the metal's composition, indicating that it is made up of 92.5% pure silver. The remaining 7.5% is typically composed of other metals, with copper being a common choice. This alloying process is done to enhance the strength and durability of the silver.

Pure silver, also known as fine silver, is relatively soft and malleable, making it unsuitable for many practical applications, especially in jewelry where durability is crucial. By combining it with other metals, sterling silver becomes a more robust material while retaining the beautiful and lustrous qualities of silver.

The use of the term "real silver" can sometimes lead to confusion, as it might be interpreted as referring to pure or fine silver. While sterling silver is an alloy, it is considered real silver and is widely used in the creation of high-quality jewelry, silverware, and decorative items. The "925" hallmark is a guarantee of its authenticity and adherence to industry standards.